Hate Game

I’m bored.

Yes I am.

If only I had something worth while writing about.

But I can’t think of anything.

Maybe I could…..no I have to remember some young people could view this.

Ok I’ll start with what I’ve done so far today:

06:45 My alarm goes off. I get up and turn on the heat for a shower later on. Go back to bed..

06:55 Alarm goes off again. Turn it off. Go back asleep.

07:15 Wake up wondering why my alarm isn’t going off. Notice it’s turned off. Turned it on. Lie there.

07:35 Wake up after listening to the traffic report and not hearing of any traffic on the N3.

07:45 Make myself a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios, Cup of Tea and Actimel. Go to watch tv and spill some of my cereal. Left the mess, sat down, watched tv and ate my breakfast.

07:56 Think it’s about time I got in the shower. Get up off my ass. Go into kitchen. Step in the mess. Clean up mess.

07:59 Get in the shower and then realise I have no shower gel or shampoo. Get out, and went into other bathroom got the stuff and then got back into shower. *Note* It get really cold when your wet and the house isn’t warm!!!

08:20 Go to my room to get changed. Try and find some clothes under piles of everything!

08:25 Get into car and about to drive away before realising I didn’t have the cd I wanted. Went back and got it!

08:40 Loads of traffic on the N3. Seen someone try and flash hazard lights to thank someone but the opened their boot instead!!! Best thing so far today!!

08:59 Got to college and sat down at computer….here since!!