Bloody Blood

Woop for giving blood!!! I just did this morning and damn was it fun!!! The blood, the needles, the tests, the questions!!! I went with my mother, father (yes I don’t hate them enough to write a song about it) and neighbour, and I was the only that wasn’t turned down!! Fucking rejects!!! But either way it’s a great family excursion to do every sunday morning! The questions of gay sex really bring the parent and child together!!! Anyways there was this girl that came in the same time as me and it was here first time to give blood as well and both of us were shitting it!! But when it came to getting the needle in the arm mine went straight in and then blood flowed out no bother!!! She has some problem and her face started to go white and shit!! Then as I was “resting” the doctor came over and gave her a cold compress (Now i actually know what one is…it’s a cold fucking cloth),,,, hope she’s ok!!! See I had to use her story cos mine was boring with the no difficulties or anything!!! But now I’m gonna be getting texts of BLOOD IRELAND…or what ever it’s called!! SCORE!!! Anyways that’s my story!! Now for some blood!! I mean blood…shit I mean flood….em food that’s what I meant!!! *shows fangs*