Cycle is to Cyclist as Race is to Racist

Well I got my results a little while ago (last week or so) and I passed everything. You know what that means?? I GET A NEW PICTURE ON MY COLLEGE ID!! The only reason I wanted to pass the damned year. So now I’ll be able to rock out with a picture that isn’t two years old. It’ll be like there are two of me, one being tall and made of flesh and bone, and the other being only a head, flat and made of plastic.

Oh I booked a wee trip to London, Engerland last week. The plan was initially to be just 4 people going to have a merry time but that soon expanded into a mass of 12 people ready and raring for weekend of PAR(MOTHER FUCKING)TAYing. If I didn’t book so soon I’m sure more people would have offered themselves a place on my credit card. But I’m hoping that doesn’t stop other people for booking. I can just give them all the details and they can come along, I’ll let them….*nudge* *nudge*.

Other events that happened since my last update? Well actually a good few other things happened: Debbies 21st, Me in the Parks first gig in 7 months or so, getting dumped, got a job and most important of all, I GOT BLOCKED IN BY ASSHOLES ON TWO SEPERATE OCCASIONS. Joy.

Up next, tales of the build up to London, World Cup Finial, launch of the fucking website that I’ve been working on for the last few days.

Me Like, You Like, We All Like

Well I was out last night…got home at sometime, had to get up early to go somewhere and all during the day I had 5mins worth of sleep. So it is expected that I’m tired….Yes me of ALLL people (including Pope Benny) be tired. Heck go figure. But with this tiredness it seems that I type away and this wee box fills up pretty quick. Seems to me to be a whole lot better way of making a blog than actually having to do something and then keep a record of what I did for a few minor people to read….I DONE NOTHING TODAY…besides my few little things. Nothing major like open heart surgery while outside in the sun. Now there is something to aim for.

Ok I was on such a buzz of typing and some door in the house start to creak….tis freaky shit….think it might be some form of lamb or calf trying to kill me for taking pictures of them. YOU CAN TAKE MY PICTURES BUT NOT MON FREEDOM…damn future food. With this bbq season in full swing I really wouldn’t want to be one of those animals that take good burnt to a crisp!!!

Exam results next….FUCK YEAH!!! If I failed anything though….NOT FUCK YEAH!!!