Rule of Dumb

You can’t tell that I’m ever bored when I start writing in this thing!??! Well he goes the recap of my life since the last blog, which was ….(too lazy to check) days ago!

Major Events:

1. Hit 50000 miles on my car! This is great due to the fact that I missed 40000 when Gordon was busy not getting sick in the back of my car after Pauls 21st.

2. I started back in college!! I had all but 2 lectures last week but only made it to 1! Hardcore right there!

3. I got a new College I.D. This is significant because I have had the same picture for the last two years!! Also because I almost got “Shat!” on the I.D. Picture!

4. I’ve been to London and brought my casual drinking back with me! Not a total public drinker yet but yes SORRY DUDE!


6. Met with a few people from and it may have just more so cemented my wanting to make games. So hopefully I’m not going to fuck up the rest of college and become a full time bum after all!

I think that is all the major events since my last update but who knows I may have missed some! But yes on other news Programming is fun until you have to do stuff!!!