411 on the LOLZ

With 54 days or so since my last blog I think it was due time that I made another entry (oh I could make that so bad). Anyways trying to remember that has happened between the last one and this one…..*clock ticks by*

Right so here are the major things to happen:

1. Got my new computer all up and running.

2. Had my graduation and went to the ball. (Very fun and drunken night)

3. Got a job in game. (Strange thing is that I still know what I am talking about in there)

4. My new computer broke (this just happened last night).

Ok well none of that really seems all that amazing now does it?!? I can assure you that there were some great times there somewhere….They were just so great that I cannot remember them, or remember when they were!

At this rate I feel that my next update will prob be around the christmas mark and I’ll will try my utmost to have some more exciting and amazing news to post on this thing. Otherwise I will be forced to make stuff up, and though all the stuff will be uber awesome it wouldn’t be real and well…..LOLZ!!!