Concentration Station

With the dust finally kind of setting from the madness of a 21st weekend all I can say….PARTY OVER HERE!!! You would think a weekend of constant drinking, partying and just plain old tomfoolery would be enough to fill anyones party appetite but mine has just grown 10 fold!! I can’t concentrate on any of my project work because I’m too busy dancing (in my head)! So next time I’m out, who ever I’m out with better get ready to rock like a serious mo fo from so man cho!! Don’t ask, just agree.

Further more, get your party sunglasses out!!

Too Much Too Little

With about 6 hours to me having to wake up for stupid early flights (that I booked) I decide to write to my blog. Not to give out about anything specific but pretty much sharing the hatred evenly. I’m nice like that.

To chance my arm right now and blurt out a line of non-nicety would be my downfall, wouldn’t it? Sure it would mean that I can be a right bastard sometimes but also does it mean that I just couldn’t be arsed to putting sense into this post?!? Of course there is no sense to it. I am writing this when I’m tired and sick and lost touch with reality thanks to watching ghost in the shell all day. But it’s all set to change tomorrow!!!


A day to go check out a college I’m thinking of going to?? Nope! About a hour of that, and then followed by some nice Scottish drinking session! Maybe talk to some of the hairy locals, maybe figure out what the fuck they’re saying to most of the time or maybe even use the ultimate chat up line; I have a PS3*. Thinking right now, I can’t do the Scottish accent. Should be fun picking it up with a few scoops in me but sure isn’t that what life really is?? A big long drinking session?? Sure why not, don’t rock the boat, just go with the flow….and maybe do some college work.

*This is the ultimate chat up line due to the fact that women dig guys with flash stuff and the damned thing cost me enough so it better get me women, in TrueHD!