One Blog, Two Blog, Three Blog, Floor

I usually write blogs when something really gets under my skin enough that I have to write about it but then edit it enough that it doesn’t show up in the final product per say! (I’m not sure how that is meant to be spelt but I will think that anyone bothered to read this will know what I mean). But this time I am writing this as someone has been bugging me to write another because the predecessors were apparently well written and all that jazz so I’m forced to sit here and think what’s bugging me!

Wii! The gawd awful, idiot attracting, mother swearing, pile of shite! I bought one last year on launch day because I was gonna get it for the computer society in college but turned out there were differences in the club to what I wanted to do, also I couldn’t stand some of the “well rounded” people! This ended me up with one myself! I gave into the hype a bit and thought it was cool! Myself and Gordon set it up pretty quick and were off playing Wii Sports for a majority of the day! The craic was had, TV was almost broken and batteries were almost burnt out! That was all good until the next day and my arm hurt as if some hefty, big boned farmer sat on it as he would sit on a sexual pleasing device (i.e. he jumped up and down a lot)! I continued play said device for a few weeks after, namely Zelda as it had story and was single player. But the fun of waving around the remote quick lost itself on me! I couldn’t just lie in bed and play, I couldn’t be upside down and play, I could barely sit and play! You need space for the Wii!

So the console got moved to a room with space and was played maybe twice in 2 months! Both times with a fellow player! The my birthday came around, everyone enjoyed it again! Woop! And between the months of March and what it essentially the early hours of November the consoles was barely touched or even plugged in!

But now with CHRISTMAS coming up people NEED ONE! They need it to live! They seen celebrities playing it on TV! They don’t remember the name of the game that they were playing but they remember who was! They need it for their son and/or daughter who told them they will hate them always if they don’t get them one! And the parent may or may not heed to that warning but will surely think, “it’ll be great fun on Christmas day, work off the turkey and fountains of beer!”. [citation needed]

But surely enough with Nintendo not giving them to the shops quick enough I get given out to by customers who “buy games all the time in this Gamestop!” – the shop I work in is GAME, order me to pull one out of my rear end so that little jimmy may not be so in need of a stick to alleviate the weight of his ankles!

All of this is ok enough to handle as you get some satisfaction dashing someones hopes of being a good parent. But then the supplies do come in and so the the queues! People that queue outside a shop at 8 in the morning on Saturday should be allowed to but a Wii just have it become pocessed by a daemon of sorts that turns people into Miis (they have no attached limbs). These people rush into the shop the be first in the queue and asked for a Wii! Grand enough, though running into an empty shop, I just don’t see the rush! You explain to the first person in the queue the bundles with any games and note there is no music or very little noises at all and the next person is RIGHT behind them! The first person buys the consoles with bundled games or not and walks off. Next person needs the bundles explained AGAIN! Get that constantly for 2 hours or what ever it may be until we’re sold out and you can see how frustrating it is selling such a shite console to absolute idiots!!

Utter rubbish, innovative (in the way I must have been the first man to sit on the toilet and read the news paper) and a waste of money.

A Wii is for “life” and not just for Christmas!