Scotsdale Land

Well I have moved to the country of battered Mars bars and kilt stuffs! And mainly drink! I moved here about a week and a half ago and only now getting around to realizing where the hell I am! Over here to finish my studies and hopefully get a proper chance to say that I work with and/or make games! That’ll always be the dream but sure I’ve to put the work in for that to happen!

Well there really isn’t much to report from here besides I’ve started listening to a lot of mc chris! Got into this crazy fucker thanks to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie, which actually has a fucking savage soundtrack. His album, mc chris is dead (iTunes), is damned cool! Very nerdcore/hip hop/rap/comedy but sure it’s all games and nerd related so I’m happy!

Also with me being Irish in a non Irish country is kind of annoying sometimes!! It feels like the first episode of series two of The IT Crowd. I would recommend watching it on 4oD if you haven’t already! OH MY GAWD YOU’RE IRISH!!

Noize O’japan

The “J” is silent!

This time I’m giving out some tasters for the lovely musical country of Japan!! Two main “dirty electro” esq artists for you to dabble in/with/on! First up is:

80kidzMyspaceOfficial Site

These guys are a 3-piece from what I can figure out! The music is fucking great to get me up on the dance floor! They’ve had two EPs which pretty much sold out in no time and now have a mini album chocked full of original material … and one remix! Well worth buying! You can easily get it on iTunes and Beatport or if you’re still in love with the good old CD then give a shot!

Life Begins At Eighty

Life Begins At Eighty

1 Television Talk
2 F**k Fox
3 Disdrive
4 Life Begins At Eighty
5 Alt A
6 F**k Fox (autKratz Remix)

Disdrive Live @ Ganban Night

Shinichi OsawaMyspaceOfficial Site

This music could be classed more so as pop than electro easily, but I find it has lots in common with Van She or Cut Copy! It’s fun, fresh and great for bopping to! The main album I’ve been listening to is The One! this is a great album and look forward to getting the throw up of mixes in The One+! These two names confused me hugely at first for some reason but sure it’s spelt out in proper english for you here!! They are different! I was trying to get his stuff on download from many sites but even iTunes and Beatport let me down! So I ended up getting it from

The One
The One

1 Star Guitar
2 Detonator
3 Electoro 411
4 Our Song
5 Dreamhunt
6 Push
7 Rendezvous
8 The Patch
9 Last Days
10 State Of Permission
11 Foals
12 The Golden
13 Maxmum Joy
14 Ami Nu Ku Tuu (The One Version)

First and foremost

Well it’s about time I started a blog for my taste in everything creative. It’ll mostly deal with what I’m interested in at the time, ranging from Music and Video Games to Books and Crazy DVDs!


So here’s the first, TEXT – Vital Signs: I just got this in the post today and been listening to it all day since! Very good album if I must admit! Quite short but for the €8 personal postage is more than enough! The songs are all calming, easy listening and not as avant-garde as the first TEXT album (which appears to have little in common with this).

Vital Signs
Vital Signs
Label: Gabel Recordings

1. “Sailor” (5:55)
2. “Enthalpy” (4:08)
3. “Slow” (4:32)
4. “David” (4:47)
5. “Entropy” (6:36)


Another one that must be mentioned in my very first post would be, of course, Action Biker. This is the stage name of artist Sarah Nyberg Pergament. I was introduced to her music a few years ago with some random mp3 that appeared in my library. Since then I was pretty much just waiting for her to release an album, and she did! Second top on my now because of it! You can purchase the album from Friendly Noise

Hesperian Puisto
Hesperian Puisto
Label: Friendly Noise

1. Intro
2. Love For Sure
3. By Myself
4. Tavaststjärnegatan
5. Refridgerator
6. La Durée
7. Hesperian Puisto
8. A Tiger In My Garden
9. I Look Out For You
10. Dance To Keep From Crying
11. ICA Lappis
12. Too Much Distance
13. Frosty Snow Winter
14. A Fight

Date Night

Driving home from work today I realized that I’ve never been on a proper date date! Sure I’ve been out with a lady, got food, seen some moving pictures, walked/dropped her home but none of those times ever felt like a proper date! I never took charge and showed the lady a proper good time! These have been my failings up until now:

  • Being a student I never seem to have enough money for everything so she ends up paying for something at least!
  • I never have proper dinner banter, I usually just go quiet and them show them my chewed food!! (it’s a sexy sight).
  • I’ve never given a lady my jacket without them asking for it first!!! (I’m quite oblivious sometimes)
  • I’ve never planned a night out, it always has a time of, ‘um, what do you wanna do?’, ‘I dunno, what do you wanna do?’, ‘Uh I don’t care, just lets do something!’
  • I give out far too much! And about everything and anything really!! (old age is a bitch)

There probably are more, and I am open to hear what they are, I just can’t think of them!

But yes I am on a mission to rectify these problems and going to show some lady a fucking brilliant night! Dunno who that lady is yet but sure I think I might know at least one name that’ll be thrown my way!! :p But it ain’t happening anytime soon I’m afraid! I need to prepare and think of what will really make a date, a DATE!!

The Picnic of Monster Babies!

Well, I am back from Electric picnic about a whole day now and I still haven’t showered, emptied my car or done anything but sleep since!! I think I may have been the tired! But yes there are a few days from the weekend of Random, Monster, Pirate, Robot and Baby voices! These are all from my Twitter because I wouldn’t remember otherwise! 1. “At Jape right now, smiley bastard ain’t he! But sure am I right now!” – Think I only had one can in me at this stage but sure it feels like it was a year ago that I seen the music come out of that them there guitar stuffs!! Brilliant show nonetheless, needed to setup camp outside the tent though as old age kicked in pretty quick!! 2. “Go team early and not being in 6 hour traffic delays!” – Later that day, think I was talking to someone about traffic or some sort of something! But sure, yes, NOT STUCK IN TRAFFIC!!! Got a 3 day festival out of my 3 day ticket!!! 3. “I am the smurf! Coo coo ca choo! … Sitting just next to the very middle of Electric Picnic with chow mein!” – That Saturday: I had my funky blue smurf hat on and been told all day that people were calling me a smurf but only heard my first person this time and sure I had a chat about how smurfs wear white hats!! … Then I ate my Chow Mein in the C of Electric Picnic!! 4. “The oxygen bar smells like grannies!? The drink is the only thing affecting me!” – I went and paid for some air!! It wasn’t fun apparently though I played DJ with how much of each scent I was getting! That was fun!! 5. “Sweded Transformers and now raving in New Grange! Fuck yeah!” – We were drunk, we went traveling, we wanted to see Transformers! We couldn’t!! So we made out own!! Should be up sometime soon, and I do not remember what the hell it was about!! … and yes, raving in New Grange!! That was the end of my updates as my phone battery wasn’t liking me!! But it was a very grand weekend in itself!! I’m sure music was a bigger part than it seems but we’ll all see come photo and video time!!