I Dreamed A Dream

OK first off … April part 2 is very unlikely to see the light of day because I just can’t be bothered with it anymore so here is a quick little update on what I dreamt recently:

Last night: London. I lived in central London just beyond Piccadilly and the city was strangely like character models from the Killzone 2 4D bullet advertisement. Example:

I went to get a train with one of my friends, Dan. The train was going to Paris from the Underground. The track was setup kind of like the start of Bioshock!
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When I was on the train traveling the relatively short distance I remembered that last time I was in Paris I was being chased by the police! Not sure why! So when I got off the train, it was near a somewhat dilapidated church building made out of cardboard! I then remembered that last time I was hear it was because I helped setup a computer games summer camp for poor kids! The opening day was opened by Daft Punk and The White Stripes playing. Recently the summer camp program got loads more funding and we (not sure who we are) went looking for new and bigger premises. Just down the street there looked like abandoned 1920s factories but when I got inside it wasn’t abandoned but turned into a massive open spaced recording studio. The place was covered in fake green grass carpet. Looked like we couldn’t use that space. We continued to walk along the side of the building and someone mentioned time and that Daft Punk were coming back to open up the place, again!

We got back to the cardboard church and I have a bit of burst yellow balloon in my hand that had the signatures of Daft Punk on them written in gold pen. I went up to one of the members and asked him how he was getting on since last time he was here, not sure what he said. Then White Stripes started playing again and I was playing along with the Guitar Hero controller.

I got bored after a while and went out the back of the place to get some air and everyone seemed to be clamoring towards a space in the corner. It was for the NEW Nintendo console announcement. Turned out they were releasing a console for Sonic (branding was nothing like Sonic the Hedgehog, the “S” was very different). The new console would be sold alongside the Wii as it was more aimed at the core gamer. It had very NES stylings with it’s two different controllers, one of which looked like the original NES controller.

The first game that I played on it was something similar to Mario Kart but wasn’t actually. Seemed to have a lot of Wipeout in it, though still fun enough graphics like MK. It had very old style post processing effects and used a fair amount of brown, darker colours and washed white. I came 3rd in the race and then seen that I was only of one other person with the Playstation styled controller so I took the NES style controller to see how it felt … just like a NES controller.

And that is all I can remember of that dream at the moment, though there were a few dreams before it I can’t really recall what happened besides bullet points!