Sound Off

I recently, as in today, have got the inkling to research audio synthesis. I namely just want to see how to do it in PHP as that’s where my main skillset lies these days. Through initial searching I could not even find out, ore more likely, couldn’t get my head around how audio files are generated. An awful amount of search just kept sending me onto OGG containers, vorbis codecs …. etc. That’s good and all but I just wanted to know how to make audio in it’s simplest form, a tone.


^^I might be tone deaf, but damn I can sure as shit knock those tones out^^


After a bit more rummaging, and helpful tweet from Mark Pettersson(@konop), I finally found what I was looking for. wavforge is a nice little api for generating WAV tones within PHP. Developed by sk89q, it looks like exactly like what I was wanting to make myself. I just installed the scripts and here’s the example at play [TONE]. It takes a little while to load, so just sit back and wait. Time to now read through the code and learn how and why things are done and then time to do it for myself. Fun fun fun.