Suck or Er, Punch?

First off, what the hell is a sucker punch anyways? Any time I hear of one I think of a Shoryuken from the Street Fighter series or the game development studio, Sucker Punch Productions, the studio behind the inFamous and Sly Cooper series’. Actually the latter was the reason I didn’t really know about this film until only a few months ago but to not deviate from the question, what is a sucker punch? It’s something that leaves you with a smile but also feeling a little used.

Just look at the promotional poster at the top there. Anybody with even a hint of nerd gets tingles in all the right places. There are smidges of steam punk, anime, extremely beautiful women,  guns AND swords, and to top it all off big mech robot things. If there was one thing in question it is most definitely not that Zack Snyder is not a nerd.  This film is most definitely a visual treat for all kinds of nerds, gay or straight. Where to start is a conundrum, suppose I’ll talk a little bit about some of the settings. There are 6 distinct settings from the insane asylum to the Saturn like moon settlement. The visual standouts being the samurai act and steam punk world war.

The samurai setting with a delight to behold and I had hugely looked forward to seeing it from the snippets in the trailers. The entire piece reminded me a little of the end of Kill Bill Vol 1 with the fight in the snow, just with added surrealism and Baby Doll. The steam punk world war visually looked like the start of Saving Private Ryan with a comic book vibe. Very cool in my books even if there were hints of influence from the likes of Killzone and Half Life 2.

There were more acts that you may be able to determine from the trailer below but I felt that I’ve either seen pretty the same elsewhere or they didn’t excite me as much as these two.

From the basic concept of the film it’s easy to see that Zack had an idea he loved and wanted to make a film. The problem arises is that he had 3 of these ideas and put them all into the same film with a few more ideas to make them all fit together. This makes the film not feel very coherent and in my opinion could have done with more fleshing out. I would have preferred to see the story within a 5 part(?) mini-series format, on the big screen, and have each world fleshed out and as they are a delight to behold but the screen time for each is not enough.

One thing that did get enough screen time and has me just loving this film is, of course, Baby Doll (Emily Browning). Absolutely stunning. Every moment with her on camera has me grinning like a school girl, which she just so happened to be dressed as for much of the film.

So to sum it all up:

  • Story – Sucked
  • Baby Doll and visuals – Punched

I’d happily go see it again, if only for more “jaw on the ground” shots such as:

Acceptable in the 80s

I went and asked on Twitter and Facebook about what movies from peoples childhood that they remembered most and always will. Here’s the list:

Pretty in Pink
The Never Ending Story
Die Hard
The Warriors
Flight of the Navigator
Short Circuit
Dark Crystal
All Dogs Go to Heaven
Cool World
Lost Boys
Trading Places
Return to Oz
Full Metal Jacket
Princess Bride
Batteries Not Included
This Is Spinal Tap
The Goonies
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Back to the Future
Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
Blues Brothers
Ruthless People
Throw Momma From The Train
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Baby Boom
E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial
Field of Dreams
The Burbs
Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan
Weird Science
Breakfast Club
Twilight Zone – The Movie
Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Money Pit

From a few of the movies on the list I can gather that some people have a somewhat scary childhood. Also I know that some of the films are from the 90s but sure people were children then as well.

April and Me: Part 1

Ok this updated thing of my links really does seem to have started becoming just a monthly thing!!! Though suppose if I had more stuff to post it would get updated more often!! Well not to have anyone wondering what the Internet for the last month has been getting up to here are my favorite links: (EDIT: Just noticed that I had 120 links to go through since the last post, I really should update more often! EDIT EDIT: That’s it I am breaking this into 2 posts at least!)

Ron Carmel, co-creator of World of Goo at SxSWi 2009: This is co-creator of World of Goo which really is a hella fun game to play. I find it so much more fun to play that it could have essentially been built by myself and my fellow students and friends (well with some help from some network contacts).  … little taster of World of Goo [here]

Analogical Tetris (Translation: Real Life Tetris): This really is just FTW!! Well until the person dropping the blocks gets bored and/or you run out of blocks!! Just goes to show that RL isn’t all that much fun for some concepts!

University Face Off: This is a rather funny story of how the university I attend (Abertay Dundee) were to face off with Dundee Uni in a series of sports! I knew it was coming up and one day asked fellow members on the GAA team when was our match, the answer was “Today!” … we didn’t play! They win!! Boo!

Xylophone for me: This is a very fun little web app that tells you how every this! Simple as! I really got a lot of joy out of it though!

Break Time: Mortal Kombat – Techno Kombat

XNA Game Studio 3.1 revealed: This is great news for anyone that is even wanting to dabble in any game development!! It’s well easy and really does let you do a lot!!You can eventually get your games bought by other peoples but the ROI is horrible so I just find it best of quick and dirty proof of concepts!

GDC09 OnLive: Debut Tech Interview: This is just a quick interview with the OnLive people about how they really did create a massive uproar in the industry on where it is going!! Well looking forward to see what is going to happen! to start charging international users a fee: This would have hugely affected me if I were still living at home but I really did just gloss over it!! But still doesn’t take away from the fact that the service may take a massive hit if it shoots itself in the foot like this!

Break Time: Fight Like Apes – Tie Me Up With Jackets

GDC09: Braid cost 200k to make, says Blow: More fun Indy news from GDC! This time about how much it really cost to get out a critically popular game on DD! So if I can find any wee bit of investment along these lines I’m sure to get a game out! *cough*

Are there any funny computer jokes?:  A nice little article on how computers and jokes are well …. not all that well suited for each other!! It’s all bad puns and jokes most people would just stare blankly at! All that said, the IT Crowd is doing well for itself!! “MEMORY IS RAM!”

GDC09: Media Molecule talk Little Big Planet: A nice little chat with two of the guys from Media Molecule, the creators of Little Big Planet!! It’s a great watch and listen and the second part should have it’s link somewhere in there! (At the time it didn’t and I had to go searching!)

Break Time: Hello Saferide – Arjeplog

Sony to match dev budgets in return for exclusivity: Dubbed the “Pub Fund” this is a great chance for any small and/or indy devs to essentially get more money into their games!!! Very good idea in my mind!!

Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time: The Debut trailer for this game!! Cannot wait for it!! Actually made me go back and play through Quest for Booty again!! Also another fun game!!

Video games ‘can improve vision’: Another fun PRO games report!! This one is loads of fun because it gives you the excuse of saying “Don’t disturb me when I’m improving my vision!” :p … Though totally contradicts what was said about Sight Training on DS!

Fever Ray Tour Promo: Fever Ray is doing a tour don’t ya know, and here is a teaser of what you’d be in for if you go!! Very cool looking in my opinion!!



NY EXCUSE – Soulwax (Justice Remix): (Note: Stuck in my head big time)

Facebook traffic tramples MySpace: This just announced that MySpace is no longer “teh shiz!”. Sad day because I find much better music on MySpace … and I really do hate Facebook sometimes!!

LED light bulb, 7.5 watts and it lasts 10 years: Absolutely brilliant concept!! Pity about the serious mass production needed to drive down the price!! But sure let’s create electronically luminous paint in the mean time!

Star Trek Extended Trailer HD: This film had nothing for me for ages, then one day, BANG!! I cannot wait for this to be out!! Am I someone that gives into hype??

Break Time: Plants vs Zombies Music Video

PS2 Took Twice As Long To Hit $99 As PSOne: Just a fun post about NUMBERS!!! Who doesn’t like numbers! But who can really comprehend the series of numbers involved in this stuff!! The amount of money involved well …. well I wouldn’t mind having a wee slice of it!

Happy 20th Birthday, Nintendo Game Boy: Is is the month of the birthday of the Game Boy!! What a brick is is, but what a fun brick it is! The amount of games I must have played on it!! … 10?? Mostly Tetris and Pokémon … GBA SP probably got more play!! Not sure why!! I love my Game Boy!

Giant Star Wars pool toys and kites: Now who does not want to float around a pool on FUCKING Star Wars ships??? I can spend enough time in a pool as it is!! I really want sunshine, and a pool, because of this!! The kite not so much, never got into them!

Pixel Art Commercial: Daft Punk – Around the World: Great pixel version of Around the World! Really makes you think what a Daft Punk game would be like?( [here] – shit by the way)

Break Time: Freeland – Under Control

Scotsdale Land

Well I have moved to the country of battered Mars bars and kilt stuffs! And mainly drink! I moved here about a week and a half ago and only now getting around to realizing where the hell I am! Over here to finish my studies and hopefully get a proper chance to say that I work with and/or make games! That’ll always be the dream but sure I’ve to put the work in for that to happen!

Well there really isn’t much to report from here besides I’ve started listening to a lot of mc chris! Got into this crazy fucker thanks to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie, which actually has a fucking savage soundtrack. His album, mc chris is dead (iTunes), is damned cool! Very nerdcore/hip hop/rap/comedy but sure it’s all games and nerd related so I’m happy!

Also with me being Irish in a non Irish country is kind of annoying sometimes!! It feels like the first episode of series two of The IT Crowd. I would recommend watching it on 4oD if you haven’t already! OH MY GAWD YOU’RE IRISH!!